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As I promised, I will continue to share with you what I am learning on my journey to becoming a Nutritional Therapy.

I have finished a module where I was able to test my Antioxidant Capacity and the results were worst that I had expect knowing that I already made some drastic changes to my eating habits and lifestyle, still a long way to go. There was one reason to rejoice though, I realised that if I didn’t make the changes, I would still be visiting A&E on a regular basis, my weight would have continue to spiral out of control and don’t even talk about the impact my diseased state had on my emotions and self-esteem.

I am learning about Oxidation, a term I remembered from High School science classes, which is what happens when cells are exposed to oxygen, for example fruits begin to rot, an egg goes rotten or even a cut on my finger get swollen and irritated. Though oxidation may sound bad, it is a natural and needed process. It helps us get new fresh cells by killing off old ones to cause healing. This process is happening every second of every hour of every day.


In the process of Oxidation, 1% to 2% of our cells get damaged in the process and their molecules turn into free radicals, which are unstable/erratic molecules missing their electrons. The Free Radicals are scavengers moving around the body looking for cells to devour and steal their electrons, not simply killing them so they can be regenerated but they damage and convert them into free radicals too, increasing the risk of negative health outcomes. This is how cancer and other degenerative diseases get started.

As I was reading about Free Radical cells, it was so easy to relate them to the function of demons, yes I went there lol. The Free Radical Cells, your enemy, prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8. Because they lack electrons, they go looking for vulnerable good cells to steal their power. The bible says ‘Be alert and of sober mind’, which applies to how you care for your mind and body too.

What is your defense against Free Radicals?

Antioxidants which are found in fruits, vegetables, pulses, whole grains and seeds. They are critical to our survival, for they interact safely with the free radical and terminate the chain reaction before they cause major damage. The main antioxidants are Vitamin E & C, Beta Carotene and Selenium. Eating more of these increases your resistance to sickness, disease and early death.

Many people hate hearing that they need to eat more fruits and vegetables but isn’t that just mindset thing? Even when people see statistics like this one done by the University College London researchers, stating that you can reduce your risk of death from sickness and disease by almost 50%, eating 7+ portions. This doesn’t mean 7 fruits and 7 vegetables, it’s simply 7 portions of both. (If you’re trying to lose weight or have diabetes type diseases, better more veg than fruit.

For your benefit, Click here for a copy of the Antioxidant Capacity assessment I received, it also has the results analysis. In my current module, I am learning how to help you significantly improve your results, and I need to work with a few people, for FREE, as part of my practical. So please take the assessment and contact me by email address,, if you are not taking any prescription medication, for I am not qualified for that yet.

Check out this video to understand more about Oxidation and Antioxidants.

In the meantime, remember you are simply a steward of the temple God gave you, so learn to control your fleshly desires and cravings through submission to guidance of the Holy Spirit, who will help you make better decision to care the mind and body so that you can experience that abundant life God promised.

Many blessings
Denise Parris

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