How To Wean Off Coffee

Do you want to know how to get rid of coffee addiction? How can you beat the urge to drink your morning cup of coffee and not feel deprived? When I started the process, the most important thing that I did was to find out what was causing my addiction. There were many reasons why I was hooked on coffee but the one that caused me to become addicted was lack of proper nutrition.

If you are looking for ways on how to get rid of coffee addiction, then I highly recommend that you do a couple of things…

  1. Think about when you started drinking coffee. Do you have strong memories about this time or the people you were with?
  2. Think about why you started drinking coffee and what it does for you now? Is it an energy issue, a social experience, a taste thing?
  3. Think about when you are drinking coffee now and how it makes you feel? Do you need coffee in the morning or to get you through the afternoon?  Do you need coffee to stimulate a bowel movement?  Does coffee make you feel relaxed or does it cause jitters?
  4. Look at what you are eating. Are you eating enough, and are you eating the right foods?

Caffeine is a stimulant that can cause a lot of unwanted side effects, including headaches, nausea, and anxiety. Many studies also show that caffeine can increase blood pressure and heart rate and can also increase the risk of strokes in those who are already at risk for them. This means that a high amount of caffeine intake can greatly increase the risks of certain health conditions, and one thing that many people worry about is whether or not caffeine can affect their heart. Studies show that caffeine can indeed affect the risk of developing cardiovascular problems. Some research even suggests that caffeine can lead to an increased risk of developing an aneurysm. And so, although consuming some caffeine is acceptable here and there if you find yourself addicted to it, I strongly suggest that you try quitting it altogether.

There are also studies that show that moderate coffee consumption has some health benefits.  The important thing is to figure out how YOUR body responds to coffee.  Also, remember that anything in excess can cause stress.  So, you may be able to enjoy a bit of coffee, or you may need to abstain.  The key is to find a balance and not add stress to your body and your life.

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