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Controlling our emotions is one of life’s greatest challenging and my ability to control mine was really tested today.

I have a case of endometriosis before me which is further complicated by the side effects of experiencing several major surgeries, past and current fibroids, with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) on top of it all. This meant that the drama of chronic pain was not eliminated and other issues were created since. Now the doctors want to go back to try again (LAUGH OUT LOUD emoji here), at attempting to resolve my medical condition!

Since I have started my personal HIPP about Health journey, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I have managed to significantly reduce the chronic pain. I moved from curling up in bed in pain after a day at work to doing a 5km walk with a group of beautiful ladies 5:30am in mornings even before heading to work. I could not have made these significant healthy eating and lifestyle changes without the help of the Holy Spirit, in my own strength it felt impossible. Anyway, I continued to seek medical help to totally eradicate the conditions, to give me optimum health. My only condition to them was NO more surgeries, especially after my last surgeon said that  in his professional opinion, my inside may not handle another invasive surgery.

Today, I went to a hospital appointment all the way in Cambridge, an hour and a half from my home, to see a specialist, who is considered the best in the area of endometriosis, the most troublesome of my conditions. The specialist looked at my file and insisted on seeing me personally because I was “a special case”. Apparently from my medical records, I could be considered disabled, well my God says NO.

My expectations were that he would say that there are alternative treatments for the condition, unfortunately, he agreed with my local specialist, that surgery is my best option, but he would only insist if there is significant impact on my major organs. He also offered a temporary solution with hormonal drug whose guaranteed side effects are significant weight gain, bloating and mood swings just for starters.  So started the challenge of my emotional rollercoaster.

Before this visit, Endometriosis was just a disease-causing pain, now I hear, it could be causing significant damage to my organs, come on, I felt healthier going into the office then coming out. All of a sudden, my gratitude for my health transformation process diminished in light of more information, but why?

I couldn’t just stop the emotional battle or feelings,  I was having, a sudden flush of fear and terror that I could be in worst physical health than I thought. I reminded myself that our emotions are a gift from God because like physical pain, it is an indicator that there is a problem to resolve. Right then, my problem was whose report I was choosing to believe, I needed to reach for what God says about my physical health. He says that He has given all that I need to prosper even in my physical health. God is not sitting back waiting for science to create a cure for diseases, He provided alternative cures and remedies already, without the side effects of some of the medicine created, that man is now becoming aware of. The doctor acknowledged that there are natural solutions available and even recommended some resources for me to check out, but insisted that it was too hard a journey to take when medicine can sometimes offer a quick fix. In my experience, the quick fix comes with other consequences, far worse than the initial disease itself.

My husband always comes with me to these types of appointments but today he really couldn’t make because of an emergency at work. If he was there, I would have broken down on his shoulder and he would have been my strength to gather my emotions. Instead, my beautiful niece accompanied me, I couldn’t breakdown and still drive us safely home, plus I so treasure quality time with her and wanted to make full use of it. So I reached for strength from the Holy Spirit to gather my emotions. Faithfully He was there to remind me of how well I was already doing without medical intervention.

I came to the decision that I will not be taking the doctor’s temporary fix. I will instead intensify my walk to complete health through natural remedies and change of lifestyle, spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. Though, I will follow through with the more tests they required, so I can get a clearly idea of the challenge before me, but more importantly, to give greater credibility to my testimony of what I can do, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to walk in the full life God promised in His word to me.

I don’t know if any of you reading my blog have been in my position or have a debilitating disease, let me remind you that God has already provided the cure. Bringing our bodies back to the full life He promised is not an easy journey but will be well worth the sacrifice. Take that leap of faith and join us at HIPP about Health on that journey, there is power in community, and together we can change our lives and be inspired and empowered to save others in the process.

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