Make Food Your Medicine

Many of you have tried several fad diets and weigh loss programs with no lasting results. Maybe you are suffering with one or more of the 80% of all diseases that are reversible with a change of lifestyle and eating habits. Or you just want to get on the road to good health and wellness.

Nutritional Therapy is for you!

When it comes to achieving our health goals and addressing health symptoms through nutrition, what works for one person, has little to no effect on a second person, and can actually make a third person worse.

For that reason, we use science-based evaluation methods to pinpoint the unique needs of each individual and to build a personalised plan. People who struggle with unwanted health symptoms, recurring pain and aches, or infections, digestive symptoms, poor energy levels, lack of mental focus or a poor diet, love to learn more about themselves, and they get our full support for 8 weeks to make sure we implement everything in practice to help them feel better.

I am certified by the Health Sciences Academy and accredited by International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) We are also Lorisian Practitioner, providing healthcare laboratory testing services here in the UK.

My 8-Week Nutritional Strategy

List of program features below is all included in our 8-week for only £250

To better understand what your specific nutrient requirements are, we need to undertake several health assessments that evaluate the following:

  • Your current health status
  • Your antioxidant capacity & possible nutrient deficiencies
  • Your Food Intolerances Test (optional at additional cost)
  • Your Homocysteine Levels Test (optional at additional cost)

This personalised Nutritional Therapy program provides access to your own online portal with:

  • The Client Health Check Questionnaire
  • Your Antioxidant Capacity Assessment™
  • Your Nutritional Deficiencies Assessment™
  • Elimination Diet Assessment and Support based on Food Tolerance reports
  • Written reports with your assessments’ results, which we will discuss together at length
  • Meal Planning Assessment with Nutritional analysis of each meal, detailed shopping list, delicious recipes and preparation instructions
  • Weekly 1 to 1 Sessions with me, which includes Summary Handouts at the end of each session with your goals for the week, next steps and action points
  • Online session scheduling and appointment booking service with regular reminders sent by email.