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I recently started using Riverford Organic vegetable boxes and I fell in love with them. Every week they can send a box of in season fruits and vegetable organicly grown and harvested right to my door step for almost the same price as the supermarket.

What I really love that everytime, every item has been perfect, so obviously they are sending the best. No drama driving through all the tray at the supermarket looking for good ones, they are safing me so much time and energy that I can put into cooking instead.

I have chosen the seasonal vegetable box, so I get a surprises everytime with a vegetable I have never tried before. As a coach, I have been collecting recipes for a while, so I get the awesome adventure of trying out something new and

I tried Swiss Chard for the first time with Quinoa, sweet peppers, halloumi cheese, and onions, it was amazing, trust me. Also tried stuffing mushrooms with lentils, sweet peppers and okra, beautiful.

The taste/flavours of organic fruits and vegetables are so difference from the regular ones, if you are not a vegetable lover, try organic and I can guarantee you will be converted. I also designed a program specially for first timers to guide and support you through the transit. Book a free consultation with me to find out more.

I highly recommend trying Riverford to my clients, why not have a try yourself, and please please share with me what new you have tried.

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