Success Stories

Richard James

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming up with a brilliant masterpiece named the WHOLENESS CHALLENGE, which was very beneficial to me personally due to your factual guidance of DIET AND NUTRITION. I have managed to lose SEVEN KILOGRAMS OF WEIGHT and is still prepared to lose more in Areas around my abdomen and waistline. You have refreshed and imparted new knowledge and information, about the use of VEGETABLES, CARBOHYDRATES & FRUITS when used in an effective combination can produce life-changing results. The tricks as I would like to use the terminology of making VEGETABLE SMOOTHIES was SUPERB. Also, the added flavour of the few words of wisdom from the Gospel prior to Comments was INFLUENTIAL TO ME. I hereby would like to end this endorsement of your commitment to EXCELLENCE IN YOUR FIELD OF WORK AS HIGHLY FAVOURED. Thanks .

Jasmine Taylor

Thank you for running this challenge, I don’t go onto Facebook every day, but I did participate in the challenge as often as I could. Every time that I read the different scriptures posted, I was encouraged to think about what I’m consuming in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle physically and with God. For example, in the past I’d find myself eating out of boredom, especially throughout this pandemic, but this challenge has made me think twice about this, and anytime I was tempted to eat when I was bored, I would pray instead and read through some of the scriptures posted. Thank you for including me in this challenge, it definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone which I enjoyed as it’s different from anything that I’ve done previously. Much love x

Winnie Wilkinson

I was uplifted and it was also confirmation that I was on the right path to get to my next level. Thank you sista!

Maxine Bradford

It was a life-transforming experience. l would encourage everyone to embark on the journey. Each will have their own eye-opening experience that l am sure will give them a better quality of life.

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