Think Smart, Eat Healthily

A lot of people give a very myopic thought to their food beyond taste and basic nutritional content. Science is beginning to realise that thinking has a deep connection with eating.

The way we think before, during, and after eating intensely influence our food choices, our digestive system, and our mind-brain connection.

Studies found the nutritional benefits of every mouth food you put in your body, are 80% determined by your thinking at that moment. So your mind-set in the moment of consumption of food is going to determine how much nutritional benefit you gain (Dr Caroline Leaf). So you may be eating a super healthy organic food, but very irritated about something, you are losing 80% of that healthy nutrition. Your mind-set at that moment drives your digestive system also.

So you need to get your mind involved in everything you do.

Unless you eat mindfully and think correctly before, during and after eating, you will not give your body a considerable amount of nutrient present in the food. Mindful eating nourishes the mind, brain, ad body keeps the weight.

When we talk about food consumption, I won’t restrict you to a diet plan if you are not struggling with a specific chronic disease. I’m not going to tell you don’t eat this or that; Eating has become unnecessarily complicated by confusion about what to eat and what not to eat. Every week comes with a new diet plan, supplement, super food etc. you just need to find what works best for you because we are all different. There is no best type of food; the best thing you need to do to yourself is to eat real food mindfully. This is why it is cool for you to understand about eating and not just sticking to a particular diet.

What you eat affects your mind and what you are thinking affects the way you eat.

Research shows that increased thinking and emotional awareness improves food choices, eating habit and it is more effective. Change your lifestyle to begin thinking and eating yourself smart. Changing your lifestyle to think and eat smart cannot be achieved overnight; it is a gradual process. It might seem un-achievable to build a habit but you just need to get yourself disciplined, and that is what human mind helps us do as it does for food as well.

Learn more about the your mind and food in Caroline Leaf’s book, click here to get a copy, or if you need help, someone to walk with you through the transition, contact me, Denise, on 07534 526544 or email


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