Top Five Human Addictions

I have been on a binge to learn as much as I can about the brain and how it functions, you may have noticed if you are following our blogs.

What is Addiction?

It is a reward system which sets in through transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms and occurs over time from high levels of exposure to an addictive stimulus. It is characterised by uncontrollable engagement in rewarding stimuli regardless of adverse consequences. Despite the engagement of a number of psycho-social factors, a biological progression which is prompted by repeated exposure to an addictive stimulus that drives the development and maintenance of an addiction.

Two properties that characterise all addictive stimuli are their reinforcing and intrinsically rewarding properties. The reinforcing property increases the likelihood that a person will seek repeated exposure to behaviour and the intrinsically rewarding property is inherently desirable, positive, and pleasurable. Human top five addictions are Love, Food, Cigarette, Heroin, and Psychotropic. The two major addictions required for human survival is love and food.

Love Addition

Love is the most difficult addiction to quit. Human is supernaturally wired to love. It is a show of affection and is extremely desired by everyone. People develop an addiction to shield themselves from intolerably painful feelings. The deadliest killer of man is living without love (Loneliness).

Love addicts spend much time, effort on a person to whom they are addicted.  Love addiction doesn’t necessarily apply only to a romantic or sexual relationship. It is possible for a person to relate as a love addict with children, friends, grannies, parent, religious figure, or even a movie starts, whom they have never met. Most recently, people are looking for toxic love. It certainly causes more murders and suicides than any other addiction.

Food Addiction

Food is essential for survival. The food we eat contains the nutrients needed by our body to stay healthy, replace worn-out cells, and stay strong. Food is the second top addiction to man. Food addiction is not too bad; it only needs to be the real food, taken at the right time in the right proportion.

It is important to take foods that are grown naturally. They are; fresh and nutritious, predominantly local, whole or minimally processed, and ecologically diverse. Replacing real food with junk food and getting addicted to it, is a ticking time bomb that is waiting to explode.

Cigarette Addiction

Some people would say the safest way to stay away from cigarette addiction is not smoking it in the first place. Although cigarette is not a requisite for survival, it is one of the top human addictions. Smokers get addicted to cigarettes so easily and coming out of it becomes very difficult. It takes time and self-discipline to quit cigarette addiction.


Heroin is an addictive substance that causes a significant decline in mental and physical health. Heroin addiction could be active or passive. Some drugs are made from heroin substances, and addiction to such drugs could also be an addiction to heroin. Heroin addiction recovery is never a one day action, it is a long-term process, and only those who are truly committed to not just quitting heroin intake but also overcome their drug dependency are likely to actualise it.

Psychotropic Addiction

Psychotropic involves taking medications instead of natural treatment. There are so many natural cures to common health issues but we seek medical care first. Recent research has documented a sharp rise in death rate for educated whites who have been hardly stroked by drugs prescription epidemic. Psychotropic addiction takes a good understanding of natural treatment and the conviction of the mind to come out of it.

The replacement of the first two principal addictions needed for survival; with the last three unhealthy addictions will cause an increased mortality rate.

Granny Friendship Bench

In a community in Zimbabwe, they do a friendship bench for grannies (where they sit down on a bench and listen to people with problems), and it has been scientifically evaluated and seen to be more effective in mental healing than any other system. This community is definitely onto something, and we at HIPP about Health are taking a page from their book.

We are developing HIPP Cell Groups to roll out around the world, led by HIPP about Health trained and licensed Cell Group leaders, of every race, gender, culture, ethnicity and geographical location. These groups will educate, inspire, motivate and empower men, women and children everywhere to live healthy and prosperous in every area of their being; spirit, soul and body.

We believe that through a relation with God and a connection with a like-minded community, lives will be transformed, communities changed, making our world a healthier place to exist.

If you feel the same way, or just curious to find out more, contact me, Denise, by email or telephone +44 734 526 544

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